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The Secret Circle set to be developed into a TV series for the CW


The Secret CircleNew York Magazine reported a few days ago that Sarah M. Fain and Elizabeth Craft (who have both worked on Joss Whedon’s Angel and Dollhouse, and also on the Vampire Diaries) will be developing L.J. Smith’s Secret Circle for the CW.

At the moment a pilot script has been ordered. It remains to be seen if it will be filmed, let alone get the green light for a whole TV series. I’ll keep you updated as and when more news is available.

Queen of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan


Queen of Shadows by Dianne SylvanI wouldn’t normally make a post about something that wasn’t directly related L.J. Smith’s work, but in this instance I’m going to make a special exception, as it relates to the history of fanfiction in the L.J. Smith fandom and is something that is dear to many fans’ hearts.

Many moons ago there was a set of Vampire Diaries fanfics known as The Signet Series. To this day they remain some of the most popular fanfics that were ever archived on Twilight Tales, and I get asked about them on a regular basis. Fans of the series were upset to see it vanish a couple of years ago, as River removed it to make some extensive edits in order to publish her original ideas as a series of books in their own right.

Well, that day is here. Queen of Shadows (A Novel of the Shadow World) by River – now better known as Dianne Sylvan – is a very real, very shiny book.

From the back cover:

Spread throughout the dark corners of our world lies the Shadow World, a society of vampires that feeds off the living. In Austin, Texas, one woman’s madness will drive her into a world that few people ever see – or even know exists…

Shortly after she picked up a guitar, Miranda Grey conquered the Austin music scene with a newfound ability to psychically manipulate her audience’s emotions. But as her powers outgrow her control, her mind is increasingly invaded by haunting secrets and overwhelming sadness. Unable to look anyone in the eye, Miranda is fast approaching the edge of insanity – with no one to catch her fall…

When he outlawed killing humans, David Solomon ignited a civil war among Austin’s vampires. As Prime of the South, his sympathy for mortals angered the old guard who refuse to control their violent urges. David has his hands full with the growing insurgency, but he takes in a broken-down woman, a musician in need of supernatural guidance. Little does he know that Miranda Grey has the power to change his world as well…

Dianne has spent a lot of time reworking the series into her own original vision. While fans of the fanfic series will certainly recognise much of the story and themes, they will also discover that it’s very different in a lot of other respects, and no longer bears any resemblance to the world of the Vampire Diaries created by L.J. Smith. Dianne will also be taking the series in an entirely different direction than the original version. She’s keeping quiet about where the story will take us, so we get to enjoy all the twists and turns just like we did when we first read The Signet Series all those years ago. Hopefully you’re all looking forward to this new ride just as much as I am.

Read the first chapter of Queen of Shadows on Dianne’s website, and order it from Amazon.

New Vampire Diaries trilogy, and L.J. Smith talks about Strange Fate


It’s all a bit confusing with Vampire Diaries books of late. First we had news that L.J. Smith would be working on a prequel trilogy about Stefan, which then turned out to be a TV series tie-in. Now LJS has posted to her blog to say that The Return: Midnight has been written, and that she’s working on a brand new book universe trilogy, starting with Phantom. Aside from the title and a small hint at the end of LJS’s blog post (which might be spoilery for Midnight), it’s all very mysterious. As soon as there’s any more information about it, it will be up here ASAP.

Also, I have been finished with Midnight, the final book in the last Vampire Diaries trilogy about a month ago and am waiting (you can imagine how eagerly or maybe–if you’re not an author–you can’t) for the edits. I’ve also signed on for a new trilogy and finished the first book in it, Phantom. So there is more Vampire Diaries in store for readers of those books.

And in Strange Fate news:

And yes, Strange Fate will also come out as soon as I can finish it. The problem was that the Strange Fate contract got delayed and . . . well, just trust me, it’s coming, even if I type my fingers off.

Hang in there, guys. We’ve waited this long, we can make it to the end!


Cover and publication date for the Vampire Diaries: Midnight, and publication dates for Stefan’s Diaries


Vampire Diaries: The Return: MidnightBook three in The Return trilogy, Midnight, is now set for publication on March 15, 2011. You can get a good look at the cover for it, too, by clicking on the thumbnail to your left. Guesses as to who the redhead on the cover is in the comments. Bonnie with green eyes? Caroline with hair that’s a little too red for auburn… or someone completely new? Guess we’ll find out in March. ;)

In other Vampire Diaries news, it transpires that Stefan’s Diaries is actually a tie-in to the TV series, detailing the experiences of the Stefan Salvatore from that universe. It looks to be that it’s a project that L.J. Smith and executive producers of the TV series Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson will all be consulting on, though there are no details on who exactly will be writing it. As L.J. Smith is still involved I’ll post up information on that trilogy for those who may be interested. No details on individual synopses or book covers yet, but there are publication dates:

Stefan’s Diaries #1: Origins: November 2, 2010
Stefan’s Diaries #2: Bloodlust: January 4, 2011
Stefan’s Diaries #3: The Craving: May 3, 2011

L.J. Smith to write three new Vampire Diaries prequels – but what about Strange Fate?


According to the, L.J. Smith will be penning three new books in her Vampire Diaries series. While The Return is focused mainly on Damon, it looks like the new books – which will be prequels to the original series – are going to be all about Stefan, bearing the title Stefan’s Diaries.

Edit: It seems that Stefan’s Diaries is a mysterious TV series tie-in that includes L.J. Smith, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec in the credits.

This is, however, not good news for Night World fans still waiting for the publication of Strange Fate. L.J. Smith posted on her blog that the new Vampire Diaries books will be taking priority of the final installment of the Night World series. Given The Return trilogy has been in the works for a couple of years now, it’s difficult to estimate how long it will take for the new books to be written and for Ms Smith to start working again on Strange Fate. Hang in there, though, Night World fans. We’ve survived for a decade waiting, we can survive a little longer, right?DI