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Welcome to Bloody Quills 2006.

» 15/February/07 » RESULTS UP!

Congratulations to the winners: see the results here. If winners want award banners, please email me to request them.

Special thanks to all the judges (extra thanks to the backup judges he stepped in at the last minute) and everyone else who has supported me and the contest:

Abigail, Ahtanama, Alicia, Anterrabae, Ashke, Askani, Becca, Becky, Bethan, Caitlin, Cathyrn, Chantelle, Danni, Idolatrie, Incanto, Jay, Jennifer, Katharine, Kathaross, Lalenna, Margaret, Merrick, Rena, Rhiannon, Veronica


Bloody Quills will now be on hiatus until either Strange Fate is published, or the fandom perks up. This year has been especially difficult, many categories didn't run, some categories only ran because people I know made an extra effort to enter, and quite a few judges dropped out of disappeared completely. At the moment there just isn't a high enough volume of fanfic or interest to make the contest worth running.

This does not mean BQ is gone for good. I'm hopefully that by having a break for this year, by the time the 2008 contest is due either the fandom will have had enough time to write enough fics to make it worth it, or Strange Fate will have been published, and that the fandom will have a revival.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has participated in the past six years - its been very cool.:)

» 11/January/07 » Nominees Up

I've updated the nominees page, so judges can get judging, and readers can read the spiffing new fic (I'm pleased with how most of the entries seem to be new stuff this year). Apologies for the lateness. I got struck down with a case of vertigo, so spent much of the past few days flat on my back and feeling really bloody ill. Typical.

Because of extensions and illness, I'll be aiming to get the results up on around the 11th Feb. Judges will have an extension for judging, which I'll email them about.

Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy the fic. Also, remember that writers adore feedback, so be sure to make use of the email name links, and let them know you enjoyed their work. :)

» 06/January/07 » CLOSED

The contest is now closed for entries. The Nominees page will be updated ASAP. Thanks to everyone who entered. :)

» 30/December/06 » Extension

Because I'm away for the next few days, and because there aren't huge amounts of entries (less than 20 across all categories), I'm extending the deadline to the 5th January (which is the deadline for the LJSanta people). That's nearly a whole week extra to get your work in.

Judges will also have a few days longer to do the judging because of this. I will attempt to get the current entries up before the 5th, but can't promise anything as I'm away, and it's not exactly polite to update websites while in company. ;)

» 21/December/06 » New Category

This was requested by a good friend, and I think it's actually a good idea. I'm implementing it now because there aren't many entries so far, so everyone can still enter it if they want to.

So, I present... the Horror category! From the categories page, where the entry has been added:

These fics are all about twisted nightmares, serial killers, blood, gore, and teenagers being hacked to pieces with sharp implements. While LJS has technically written in the horror genre, it has been rightly pointed out to me that this doesn't mean that there aren't fics that don't pick up or expand on the genre far further than LJS took it.

This is going to be an 18+ category for judges, because I don't want to limit creativity, and sexual themes are often a big part of horror. As with the slash category, fics don't have to be 18+ to be in the category, but if they ARE 18+, they can only go in the adult, horror or slash categories.

» 19/December/06 » Deadline Reminder

Just a reminder that you have less than two weeks before the deadline to get fanworks submitted for Bloody Quills.

There are also a lot of judge slots left to fill, so if you want to help out check out the table below, and then go ahead and send your application in. :)

» 05/December/06 » ARGH! Silly Mistake!

It has been brought to my attention that I still have listed as a contact mail on several places on the site. If you've submitted work by email to that address, then I'm really sorry, but it disappeared down a black hole. That address no longer exists due to excessive spam. I think I've fixed all the email address mistakes now, so all email links should work properly. If you haven't had confirmation from me about a submission by the 6th December, please or replace 'admin' with 'bq' in the email address to submit again.

Again, I'm sorry for any inconvenience. *headdesks*

» 01/December/06 » Contest Open!

Right, I'm now ready to accept contest submissions and judge applications. Please make sure that you read the rules before submitting, because it makes things easier for everyone involved.

I really, really hope we have more participants this year than we did last year, as last year was worryingly quiet. It'd be a real shame if the contest didn't run, and I'm always sad when categories aren't running. Make your Red happy, and submit your fanworks! :)

I'll put the judge slot grid up in the next day or so - basically when the first batch of judge apps come in and some slots are gone.

If you spot any mistakes on the site, then please to let me know.

» 02/November/06 » Pre-contest babble

First, it's obvious that the contest is still running this year. Only just, though. Quite a few categories didn't run this year, and I really hope we can improve on that this year. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease? *puppy eyes*

Second, while editing the source code for this years contest, I realised that I hadn't made banners for the winners. The reasons for this are because at the time IRL was extremely hectic. So, I'll make banners for those people who want them now. If you'd like a banner, please with the subject '2005 banner request', and I'll get on that for you. Apologies for not having done them sooner.

Third, LM is running LJSanta again this year. It's a holiday fic swap, and it's a load of fun. There are special exceptions for people participating in that - you can enter your LJSanta fic into Bloody Quills after the official deadline. Due to the fact that author names aren't revealed on LJSanta until the BQ deadline, you will have until January 5th to enter those fics. However, your LJSanta fic will count as one of your 2 max fics that can be entered into the contest.

Fourth, please don't submit fics to the contest or apply to be a judge until the contest opens on December 1st. I'm not ready for them yet.