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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you L.J. Smith?


Yes, you might laugh, but the amount of times I get email from people thinking I’m L.J. Smith is mind boggling, so it bears mentioning here.

So who is L.J. Smith?

L.J. Smith as an American author who has written several series of supernatural and paranormal Young Adult novels. You can find more information on her website.

I have a story about vampires/werewolves/witches. Will you archive it?

No. Twilight Tales is an archive for fanfiction based on L.J. Smith’s books. It doesn’t matter if you were inspired by her work, if it’s not based in the universes she created, I won’t archive it. If you submit something that isn’t obviously L.J. Smith-based from the information provided, I will skim the fic (if it’s short) or run a keyword search for names and terms that should be present in L.J. Smith fanfic. If I can’t see anything obviously L.J. Smith-related, your fic will be rejected. If you want to share your orginal works, submit them to FictionPress.

What is Bloody Quills? Are you still running it?

Bloody Quills was an annual L.J. Smith fanworks award contest that I ran for several years. I stopped running it a couple of years back due to the low amount of entries it was getting. The fandom has been a little too quiet to make it worth running in recent years. Hopefully things will pick up again with the publication of the new Vampire Diaries trilogy, Strange Fate and the republication of several of the books (the Night World series has just had a third volume republished, and the Forbidden Game and Dark Visions are set for re-release), and Bloody Quills will run again.

When is Strange Fate going to be published?

It’s currently slated for release on the 6th April, 2010. Whether or not that will get pushed back again, we don’t know. What we do know is that L.J. Smith is working on it. It looks like the new Vampire Diaries trilogy is the priority for the moment, but Strange Fate hasn’t been forgotten.

What is your stance on the Vampire Diaries TV series?

Like most fans, to say I was cheesed off at the changes is an understatement. However, now we’re well into the series I have to say that I love it. It’s completely separate from the books for me, and I treat it like an Alternate Universe take on the idea. To get all the latest news and information, keep an eye on

As for archiving fanworks based on the Vampire Diaries TV series? They should not be added to the archive or gallery on Twilight Tales, because it’s technically not L.J. Smith’s version of the story. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m anti-fanworks for the TV series. I’ve set up a fanfiction archive and fanart gallery over on where people are welcome and encouraged to upload fanworks based on the books and the TV series.

Why are you called Twilight Tales? This site has nothing to do with the Twilight Saga!

Twilight Tales was established in 1998, seven whole years before Twilight was published. Its name comes from the fact that it started life as a fanfiction archive for the L.J. Smith fanclub Circle Twilight (after one of the witch circles in the Night World series). Circle Twilight no longer exists, but the fanfiction archive lived on, keeping the name ‘Twilight Tales’ as it was well-known in the fandom by that point.

Will you beta read/give me feedback on my fanfic?

Sorry, but no. I don’t have the time to read and critique every single fanfic that crosses my path.