Vampire Diaries: The Return: MidnightBook three in The Return trilogy, Midnight, is now set for publication on March 15, 2011. You can get a good look at the cover for it, too, by clicking on the thumbnail to your left. Guesses as to who the redhead on the cover is in the comments. Bonnie with green eyes? Caroline with hair that’s a little too red for auburn… or someone completely new? Guess we’ll find out in March. ;)

In other Vampire Diaries news, it transpires that Stefan’s Diaries is actually a tie-in to the TV series, detailing the experiences of the Stefan Salvatore from that universe. It looks to be that it’s a project that L.J. Smith and executive producers of the TV series Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson will all be consulting on, though there are no details on who exactly will be writing it. As L.J. Smith is still involved I’ll post up information on that trilogy for those who may be interested. No details on individual synopses or book covers yet, but there are publication dates:

Stefan’s Diaries #1: Origins: November 2, 2010
Stefan’s Diaries #2: Bloodlust: January 4, 2011
Stefan’s Diaries #3: The Craving: May 3, 2011