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Submit Fanworks

Oh noes! Where have all the forms gone?!

Don’t worry, there simply are no forms to send me fanworks anymore. Twilight Tales has been converted into an automated archive. That means that you sign up, and you upload your own work to the site (including works-in-progress!), and they’re appear instantly.

You will need to sign up for both the fic archive and the gallery as they don’t share the same user database.

So, to submit your fanfiction and poetry, head on over to the fanfiction section of the site, and to submit your art, head over to the fanart gallery. You can register by clicking on the links in the top navigation bars.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fanfiction and art for the Vampire Diaries TV series is not to be added to this archive. It’s not L.J. Smith’s work, and this archive is for fanworks based on her books. Fanworks based on the TV series are very welcome over at Fell’s Church Library and Fell’s Church Gallery.

I’m an author/artist with work archived from years ago, and I can’t access my account… help?

That’s likely because the email address I have on file is an old one, and you didn’t send me your new one when you changed it. You’ll need to contact me with some kind of proof that you are who you say you are. I don’t want to give your account details to some prankster who just wants to wipe or vandalise your fanfiction.