I’ve taken the plunge and finally converted Twilight Tales to an automated archive and gallery. What does this mean? Basically, like with fanfiction.net, you sign up for an account and upload your own work without having to rely on me updating. This way your work goes up when you want it to, you can upload works-in-progress, you have much more control over it, you can get reviews right here on the site, and you can finally have fancy things like bold and italic text in your fanfictions. ;)

As before, the site still has a fanfiction archive and a fanart gallery. To add your work, you will need to sign up for them – don’t worry, it’s quick, easy and free. I’ll also be available for you if you’re confused or have problems.

I will be working on getting all fanworks transferred over to the new sections, though it will take a long time to get all the fanfiction transferred.

The following information may not be of interest to you if you’re just a regular reader on the site. Archived authors and artists and anyone who plans on uploading work here will probably want to have a read through, though.

General notes:

&#8226 I will still be posting important L.J. Smith news to this blog, I just won’t be posting about updates to the archives on it any more. If you’re only on the updates list for notification about new fanworks, you may want to unsubscribe from it.

&#8226 If you sign up for a name that is already in use in the old archives and hasn’t been transferred yet, I will ask you for a different username and change it for you.

&#8226 If your username has already been set up in either archive, you can request your password using the ‘lost password’ function on the login screen. That will send your password to the email address I have on file for you. If you no longer use that email address, you will need to contact me to work it out. You’re going to need to find some way to assure me that it’s you as I don’t want to risk giving someone’s account to the wrong person playing a prank.

&#8226 It’s advisable for you to sign up for both the fanfic archive and the fanart gallery at the same time to ensure you get the same username across the site. For reasons of sanity, they don’t share the same user database.

&#8226 You are welcome to sign up with a new username to the one you may currently use in the archive. Please be sure to let me know so that I can easily keep track of who you are while I transfer work across. If your account has already been created, I can still change your username for you.

&#8226 Fanworks from the Vampire Diaries TV series should not be posted here. You can post fanworks for that (along with fanworks based on the books) over at Fell’s Church Library and Fell’s Church Gallery.

The Fic Archive:

&#8226 There are over 1200 pieces of fanfiction on Twilight Tales, and you can imagine that it will take a very long time for me to transfer that many by myself. As such, the old archive will also remain intact while this takes place, and is linked on the main page of the new archive.

&#8226 Authors can help by signing up to the archive and uploading their own work. I would really appreciate that a great deal. Think of it as an opportunity to give your fics a quick spruce up, and to throw them into the limelight again.

&#8226 It’s worth mentioning this in more detail. Because the archive is automated and you add your own work, fanfictions no longer have to be complete before they go on the site. You are more than welcome to add your works-in-progress.

The Gallery:

&#8226 All categories except for the Night World and the Vampire Diaries have been transferred to the new gallery. The Vampire Diaries art should be transferred over before too long. The Night World category will take longer as there are a lot of images in it.

If you’ve still got questions, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch with me via the contact form.